If a layer doesn't appear after you check its corresponding box, zoom in closer.

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Welcome to the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District's Interactive Web Portal.

This application gives you the capability to view numerous layers, attribute data, search, and other functionalities. Feel free to contact us with any problems or ideas for improvement.

Click the boxes under the 'Layers' panel to turn the associated layer on/off. The fewer layers turned on, the faster the web page will be able to render the graphics.
If you click the 'Legend' Panel at the bottom, you will be given the option to view a legend for each layer selected.
To use the search feature, you must have the desired layer turned on. Not all fields are searchable, but typically you are able to search road name and parcel id. After clicking the 'Search' button the application will retrieve your query and draw graphics of the results. The 'Clear' button can be used to erase these results.
Left click to pull in attribute data on all visible layers. You will notice a small arrow in the attribute window which allows you to cycle through all results.
Hold down the shift key and draw a box using you left mouse button around the area you would like to zoom to.

This application is for planning purposes only, and may not be used for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. All elements on this map are merely representations of real world objects. The Central Mississippi Planning and Development District makes no claims to the accuracy or reliability of the data, nor will accept liability for this applications use.